Facebook and Political Campaigns

It seems that British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica illegally gained access to over 50m Facebook user profiles to mine these for personal information that enabled them to create very personalized political messages. This form of data-driven and target-specific political communication has been critiqued widely.


Being On The Wrong Side Of History

“You’ll see who’s laughing at the end” and “People who still believe X will soon see themselves on the wrong side of history”.

How to get ahead in the 21st century

On jobs, career, and money in a time of digitalization, unemployment, and inequality

The DoJ indictments: Time for introspection

On the 16/2 the US Department of Justice announced that it was indicating 13 Russian individuals for actively interfering in the 2016 US Presidential election. What had been suspected for quite some time, now seems sufficiently evidenced.

The Crisis of German Social Democracy – and its last chance at a future

Is it democracy if there is nobody to vote for who represents your views?

Cult Psychology in Political Movements

The recent polarization of public opinion on major societal issues has seen a rise in dogmatic thinking and failure of discourse. The psychology of cult behaviour can give valuable insight into why people are drawn to ideologies and what can be done to open the public debate.